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How to File a Vehicle Service Contract Claim

If your vehicle incurs a breakdown, you must take the following steps to file a claim:

1. Prevent further damage – Take immediate action to prevent further damage. Your contract contains a towing provision to provide assistance in the event of a covered breakdown. Towing reimbursement is available on covered claims and is limited to your contract restrictions. Your contract will not cover the damage caused by not securing a timely repair when a breakdown has occurred. The operator is responsible for observing your vehicle warning lights and gauges, and taking appropriate action immediately to prevent further damage. Failure to do so may result in the denial or the limitation of coverage.

2. Take your vehicle to a repair facility – If your vehicle breaks down, return to the dealership where you purchased your vehicle as they will best equipped to handle your claim. If you would prefer to take the vehicle to a different licensed repair facility, you may do so at your discretion.

3. Prior approval – Prior to any repair being made, instruct the service manager at the repair facility to contact the administrator to obtain an authorization for the claim. Any claim for repairs without prior authorization will not be covered. The administrator can be contacted Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (EST) at 1-855-807-2885 or via FAX at 866-639-5583 or via email at The amount authorized by the administrator is the maximum amount that will be paid for repairs covered under the terms of your contract. Any additional amount must receive prior approval.

4. Authorize tear-down and/or inspection– In some cases, you may need to authorize the repair facility to inspect and/or tear-down your vehicle to determine the cause of breakdown and cost of the repair. You will be responsible for these charges if the failure is not covered under your contract. We reserve the right to require an inspection of your vehicle prior to any repair being made. In case of dispute, the administrator reserves the right to remove the vehicle from the repair facility.

5. Pay any applicable deductible – We will reimburse the repair facility or you for the cost of the work performed on your vehicle that is covered by your contract and previously authorized, less any deductible.

6. Proof of service and/or repair – To obtain payment for a covered repair you, or the repair facility must submit a legible copy or original repair order to the administrator. Repair orders must be readable and understandable, and contain the following information: customer complaint, repair diagnosis, parts, labor hours, vehicle identification number, date, vehicle mileage, your name and signature, repair facility name, address and phone number, repair totals, deductible (if applicable), and method of payment to satisfy the repair order. “Proof” of maintenance and/or your self-maintained log with corresponding original receipts, may be requested by the administrator for related repairs. Once authorization is obtained, and the repair is completed, all repair orders and documentation must be submitted to the Administrator within thirty (30) days to be eligible for payment.

This is strictly a guideline for filing a claim only. Please refer to your service contract for details on coverage, terms and conditions.

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